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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California's ban on same sex marriage UPHELD !!

I know this is a touchy subject.I certainly intend no offense and am actually one of the most unbiased/non prejudiced people you will meet.I have gay family members and friends and love them all :) So,let me just preface this post with that !!
California today upheld a ban on same sex marriage.I was VERY thankful to see this.
I know alot of people were upset and rightfully so.This is such an emotional subject and to have it constantly changed via law,etc makes the issue even that more difficult.
There are many legal same sex marriages who can't share that same joy with their best friends or family members due to the laws changing.That's hard I know. So,while I am very glad to see the ban upheld I'm not celebrating.These are people's lives and beliefs we are talking about here.This is seen as a slap in the face and a "belittling" (if you will) to same sex couples.Most gay people I know have fought for a LONG time to reconcile this issue within themself. Self esteem and relationships have been affected.Many gay people really struggle with who they are and why they are gay.It takes them a long time to come to a place where they can accept themselves for what they believe is how they are made.So,for someone to then say "who you are is wrong" is a VERY VERY hard pill to swallow.It's caused suicide,depression,divorce,etc. This is the message many people say a ban on same sex marriage says."You're not worthy"."You're not human" "You don't have rights",etc.
However,it is my belief that the approach many people have taken on this issue is the wrong one and VERY harmful !!
God loves each and every human.He CREATED each and every human.He has a will for each and every human.We were all created with special gifts and quirks. That's what makes God's creation so beautiful and diverse.However,along with all this beauty we were also given free will.We are vulnerable to temptation and sin.From porn,to anger,to gluttony,to murder,to lust,to envy, etc we ALL have sinful behavior and sinful tendencies. Homosexuality is among this list too.It's no worse than envy and just as conquerable. The Bible tells us that God will not tempt us beyond what we can bear and that God sent Jesus to be tempted too so we could relate to Him who was without sin. Being tempted is not sin.Succumbing to the temptation is the sin.
This is how I view homosexuality.And,because I do have this view,any measures we can take to prevent temptation or condone sin is welcome by me :) Just as I welcome higher taxes on cigarettes,drinking laws,prison terms,church discipline,etc. I'm just really starting to study and ponder just how much sin is in each of our lives.Believe me,I have my share of mine :) And,YES,I give in at times.But I also have the Holy Spirit reminding me of God's word and take actions so try to keep temptation at bay.
So,this is why I'm glad the ban on same sex marriage was upheld !!It's certainly not the only issue America should be looking at and not the only thing I want to see banned.It's just a start and you have to start somewhere :)


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