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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Politically Correct

I know this issue has been around for a while.I also know that alot of good things have happened out of an effort to be politically correct.I think that as of late we,as americans,have been more active in politics and in voicing our opinion about policies we do and do not like.I think it's GREAT and definitely better than being silent and not doing anything !!I've definitely become more involved and feel like I've learned so much from paying attention to what's going on in politics.I really have come to have a new appreciation for our democracy here in the US.Do I think it's perfect or infalliable? No ! But you only can improve something by actively seeking,noticing the weaknesses and then finding a solution to improve those weaknesses.
The one thing I've noticed lately though is the double standard of political correctness.Now,don't get me wrong.I appreciate free speech and think it's a GREAT right provided to us by our constitution.I just don't understand instances like the following 1)a guy named Guy Torry was on a radio show the other night (I just happened across it and don't know which one it was) and was talking about his family.He is one of 6.He said the following "we were like the bradys,more like the ghetto bradys".The group just chuckled and went on about their discussion 2)I was listening to news report on CNN about the New Haven,Conneticut fire fighters lawsuit.(This is quite a story actually if you haven't heard about it).What caught my attention though was the careful use of "african american" but then also "white" when referring to the color of the firefighters. I don't why it's ok for an african american to say certain things but let a caucasian say it and it's a HUGE deal.Senator Lindsey Graham made this exact point when questioning Judge Sotomayor today during the Senate confirmation hearing.Referring to her "wise latina" statement he said "If I had said something like that my head would have been on the chopping block".He's absolutely right !! When Don Imas called the Rutgers players "nappy headed" he was "crucified" in the media.But,one african american can say it to another african american,it's fine or a bad joke at best.I have NO issue with saying that some words are "taboo",insensitive and should be eliminated from our vocabulary.But,if we're going to do that,let's apply it across the board.This is also why I don't understand hate crime. To me a crime is a crime.You have to establish motive in any case and also look at the "mitigating" factors when sentencing someone.That's all a hate crime is doing.We're already doing that folks !! No need for hate crime legislation.It just seems to me that we're not using "politically correct" in the right way.We should use it to help make everyone equal and to discourage hurtful comments.Not just to help a certain group or minority feel better about themselves.
So,these are my thoughts and I just thought I'd share :)


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