Kairos in ancient Greek means "a moment in time".My desire is that this blog will allow me a moment to reflect on life and give you an moment to share in it with me.We are sooooo busy these days and it is so very important not to let the little things and moments pass us by.Hoping you are having a BLESSED day :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Peace Out !!

I am FINALLY feeling better after recovering from my cold/virus.Thanks to all of you who were praying. I have had SOOOO much going on lately that it's a wonder I haven't been committed to a mental hospital.I moved,was VERY sick and am facing a possibility of losing my job. For some one who battles anxiety and has to have meds/therapy for it you would think this would have done me in. BUT,my God is FAITHFUL !! He's been everything I needed during this time.It's kind of funny as I've been so busy literally that I haven't been able to talk to many people or see my therapist about any of this.I just a few days ago told my dad and tonight told my mom. I think it was as if God wanted it to be just me and Him.Normally this kind of stress would have been too much but for the most part i've had such peace.PEACE PEACE PEACE !!! Jesus is the Prince of Peace after all. Peace that God is in control.Peace that God's will can and will prevail.Peace that I'll be fine financially.Peace that I've given it my best.Peace in my Spirit.Peace of mind !!!! I don't know what will happen with my job but I rest soundly tonight knowing it'll all be ok. I know that I'm fortunate to be able to say this.Please don't think that I haven't had my moments of worry and stress.That's what makes this such an exciting thing.I usually would've pulled my hair out by now.However,i've learned that God will take care of me AND I've learned the power of God's Truth. I'd love to discuss any details if anyone wants to know.I just say this to encourage anyone who might need it.It's become kinda "cliche" to say "God is in control" but He really is.If we really believe this how differently do we feel and act?


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