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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life and Family

Lately,I've been hearing LOTS of stories about pregnancies/babies and families. Just this morning it was announced that the "pregnant man" is now pregnant again.all this week I've been closely monitoring a blog of a family who traveled from Nashville to New Jersey to adopt a little girl who will be born via c-section tomorrow.
I have a DEAR friend of mine who just found out that her baby most likely has Trisomy 13 and will not make it to birth or will die shortly after.At LEAST 2 friends of mine found out the sexes of their babies this week.Another dear friend is pregnant and trying to protect herself from her daughter who has scarlet fever. These are just a few examples that come to mind right now but there are many more believe me ! So,I just got to thinking.With all this love and effort to bring healthy babies into the world how could anyone not say life begins at conception and discourage abortion? I know of TONS of families trying to adopt and willing to give good homes to children.Also,so many people go through fertility treatments,in-vitro,surrogacy,etc just to have a child. Doesn't that say something? I'm really not trying to be judgemental here.REally !! I also wonder why so many couples go through so much just to have a child when they could adopt.I'm just sharing my thoughts and also inviting input,comments,etc. All of this also lends me to think about what is the definition of family? I'd REALLY love to hear your comments on this.My gut is to say that family is blood relatives but I don't think of adoptive parents or children as any less than a family.I'd say it's a mommy,daddy and their children but a couple is a family with or without children.My sister and I are family but she also has her "own" family with her husband and children.So let's hear it readers out there.What is the definition of family? Also,and more importantly,let's look at the legal side of this.If we give family a solid definition,what impact legally does that have? If it has to be family members for visitation at the hospital then what? If family is privileged to some crime information others aren't who does that include? Just food for thought and can't wait to hear what some of you say :)


  • At 4:17 PM , Blogger ThereseAnn said...

    Please tell your friend not to loose hope.
    Trisomy 13 Family Support and Resources

    A wonderful DONT MISS section off the prenatal page.
    Many stories and photos of children who reached their parents arms and many living survivors. Message Boards and many, many informational resources.

    ThereseAnn, mom to Natalia now 8 yrs.


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