Kairos in ancient Greek means "a moment in time".My desire is that this blog will allow me a moment to reflect on life and give you an moment to share in it with me.We are sooooo busy these days and it is so very important not to let the little things and moments pass us by.Hoping you are having a BLESSED day :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Fellowship :)

Last night after a busy stressful week at work,I headed straight over to the Brooks' house for a cookout/fellowship.It was much needed in so many ways.It was SOOOOO good to enjoy some AMAZING chili and smores over the campfire. It was soooo great to just relax and enjoy the fire and outdoors.It was also soooo good to be with my church family.they are so important to me and are used by God in my life in soooo many ways.I forget sometimes just how important the body of Christ is to a christian.It takes sacrifice and committment to have fellowship.That's why it's so important.I missed the past two weeks of church activities due to moving and being sick.I have however been able to e-mail a couple of ladies at church who have invested me in.They have been praying for me and I have felt those prayers.Because of the fellowship I have with my church family I never feel alone.I go to work every day feeling them with me as I know they are thinking of me just as I am them.That encourages me and uplifts my spirit soooo much.That is what the body of Christ is meant to do.So I feel sooooo blessed to have fellow christians that believe in fellowship as I do.One question many people ask is "Why do I have to attend church?"
"Why can't my relationship with God just be between me and Him?" This is the reason why.We were created for fellowship and it's where God can use the body of Christ most.


  • At 8:07 AM , Blogger JoLewis said...

    thank you for praying for all of us! I am Jo a friend of Angie's. My story is in her comments, not on a blog. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your prayers. In Christ, Jo


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