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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Quiz

I stole this from another blog but thought it was a GREAT christmas quiz. I'll answer under each question and I can't wait to read your comments :) Merry Christmas Beloved !!!!

1)Fresh Tree or Fake Tree? we always had fake ones due to allergies so I'd have to say fake.I do love the smell of pine though in a home with a fresh tree :)

2. Favorite Ornament?

I'd have to say the Angel ball that my BFF got me a few years back

3. Favorite Christmas Song? Wow this is the hardest because christmas music is my fave but I'd have to say "O come all ye faithful"
A VERY close second is one called "A King is Born" that's on my WOW christmas cd.

4. Favorite Tradition? Making chex mix and sugar cookies with my mom

5. Favorite Gift Ever Received?
I'd have to say a max lucado book and a poem that one of clients gave me.She was very special to me and I still see her out and about to this day

6. Favorite Christmas Meal? ham,corn pudding,broccoli,pecan pie

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie? no doubt my mom's sugar cookies that we ice and sprinkle.They are in the shape of snowman,candy cane,christmas tree,etc. A VERY close second comes the gingerbread man :)

8. Favorite Place To Be?wherever my family is

9. Favorite Memory? when we were really little,we lived near a tv station tower that had red lights on it.You've all seen them :) Well when we'd get home from my dad's parents on christmas eve we'd see the red light and daddy would always tell us that was rudolph's nose and we better hurry to bed because he was close to our house ! (Don't ask me how we never figured out that the red light was there all year round and there were more than 1 red light glowing.It was just magical to us ! )

10. Favorite Christmas Movie?
haha if you know me at all you know it's "A Christmas Story" !!!!


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