Kairos in ancient Greek means "a moment in time".My desire is that this blog will allow me a moment to reflect on life and give you an moment to share in it with me.We are sooooo busy these days and it is so very important not to let the little things and moments pass us by.Hoping you are having a BLESSED day :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Twist on a New Year's Resolution

I never do stick to my New Year's Resolutions because I always seem to make more of a "bucket" list then a New Year's Resolution.so,I have 1 goal for 2009.That should make it easy for me to remember and to accomplish :) but,I felt like sharing with you my list of things I want to do before I die. So,here it is..............

Top 10 Things I want to accomplish in my life:

1. travel to Italy
2.lead someone to Christ
3.own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes
4.give at least $1000 to charity
5.purchase a GREAT piece of art
6.own a circle pendant necklace
7.get my weight down to ideal BMI (body mass index) and maintain it
8.run a marathon
9.be involved with my nieces as they grow up
10.live in Hawaii

Please share with me your New Year's Resolution or your "bucket" list !!!!

God bless you and Happy 2009 !!!!!


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