Kairos in ancient Greek means "a moment in time".My desire is that this blog will allow me a moment to reflect on life and give you an moment to share in it with me.We are sooooo busy these days and it is so very important not to let the little things and moments pass us by.Hoping you are having a BLESSED day :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wisdom of a 4 yr old !!

I bet you think I'm going to say something about my niece Madelyn.She's only 3 1/2 though so no.This is about a little boy named Hayden. His family is in my small group at church.His mom and I were sitting with him tonight eating supper before bible study.Let me say that I love the whole family so I was having a good time already.We were eating salad and Hayden asked if I liked talking to tomatoes.He said he talked to Bob the tomato from VeggieTales.He then asked me if I'd ever met Bob. I told him that my favorite was Larry the Cucumber.So you get the drift.We're having fun and I'm enjoying the company of this precious 4 year old. Then all the sudden he looks at me and says "Do you love yourself?".I said "yes I do" and he said "good I do too !".
Talk about a moment !! I'm assuming his parents have been talking to him about this subject but it truly was as if God was speaking to me. I battled self esteem issues back in middle school and high school.I finally won the war on it but it does creep back up every once in a blue moon. I've actually been thinking on self esteem issues recently with some things going on with me and within my family too. So,this my friends was one of those "KAIROS" moments for which I named my blog !! Don't let little moments in life pass you by because you're so busy or unfocused. Each day is a gift and can be a new beginning if you need it to be.Be in tune with yourself enough to know when someone or something is speaking to your heart !! It'll be the most wonderful words you'll ever hear :)
Do you have a moment like this you'd like to share? I'm sure there are lots of stories like this out there.So,share with me ! I'd love to hear them :)


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